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08 April 2009 @ 10:01 pm
(picspam) Fave Harry Potter Scenes 1-3-5  
This could possibly be the longest picspam ever, ALL of my favourite scenes from Harry potter and the sorcerers stone, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban, annnnnnd Harry Potter and the Order Of the Pheonix, so yes, all the odd numbers :) I Wasn't originally going to post all 3, just the oldest and the latest for an 'omigod age jump!' but I thought I might as well seeing as I made the pictures.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
possibly the greatest invention ever.

so anyway, the beginning of a beautiful friendship .. sort of, oh come on guys, you know the story, I refuse to put quotes And its not cause im lazy. I just dont have the DVD's with me.

dirt on yo' nose ginger kid.

lulz, you will find I love Emma Watson and her expressions as we go along :)

Omgz A huge three headed cgi dog!!

Your doing it wronggg!
lol some good ol' Ron/Hermione (there will also be lots of these two in the spam♥)


Cgi harry rofl

AW NEVILLE *bear hug*

eat hat, Draco. ily ily.

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Askaban

aka ~ colouring gone wild and expressions of joy time!

Face splat! loooove it.

young love tension it hurts it hurts! poor malfoy suffers for this.

woah there sharpening! but ron your faces makes me cackle like .. like a witch? :|

Dawn French as the Fat lady omg win.




I lol'd at ron, dont tell you didn't either

Im sorry about the awful colouring there ~ poa is darker and weird blegh

Harry potter and the Order of the Pheonix

aka~ awsome times except no cho plz.

(Ok so you know how I only used like 8 large pics for the above films ~ There's 18 for this :) .. but there is only 2 per line cause the caps were different size, you can leave now if you really want though :( )

matching stripes!

why so serious, says tonks


interrupting little hag

nom nom nom

Im running out of half ass witty things to say, so just enjoy the picture magic for now

*dies of laughter*

Best. Scene. So. Far. Or. Just. Ever!
Neville! roflmao♥


teaspoon love, thats what this is

oh noez.
oh noez?! is that the best I can come up with!!?? yes. ok.

HAHA. Go Ron! *coughfail*

so pink O_O
Fred & George FTW ~ I love them

I love this scene, and how when really faced with death and held captive they're so vulnerable and scared, spesh Hermione, omg I seriously adore Emma Watson. Im sorry -_-

Tonks needs a theme tune or something, it has to be said.

the end :)

If you made it this far, you are one of few and I applaud you and cheer you and love you :D

Im itching to just delete all of film 3 because the colours are so fug. BUT NO. I must not ack :|
The age jump would be like *woah!* mindboggling for some, haha.

Im thinking of doing fave sheldon cooper or Jenny humphrey scenes next, idk im lazy.

watch/join if you havent already!
Caps by homeofthenutty
(70+ members already im like wtf people?!)

pimp; elitegreene  ;)

lhaggy on August 23rd, 2009 07:10 pm (UTC)
O-M-G, I totally loved this, I'm very tempted to try it myself!